Allie Bunt

Allie Bunt

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Allie B. is a perfectionist, with the biggest heart. She uses a creative edge to work with your personal style. Her down to earth personality will make you feel at ease.

Cutting hair is her specialty. She loves working with all hair types to create your personal look. From very curly to short and tapered or a faded cut to a longer flowing style, all with precision! She loves it all! Allie B also does fancy updo's for weddings or special events. Tousled and effortless or smooth and defined. She also loves Punchy colours, ombre, Balayage and super blended colours. She's up for anything!

She will make you smile from ear to ear every single time. That's her main concern. Her attention to detail is shown through all of her work.

To make each experience special Allie B. loves giving a deep scalp massage. There will be a calm and relaxing aura. You will feel rejuvenated. Some say that's why they come back!

She grew up in Richmond, and has been playing softball since she was four. You can find her on the softball field with the Mable League in East Van pitching up a storm. She also loves writing poetry, talking about dreams, crystals or being spiritual.

Allie B. graduated with honours at John Casablanca's in 2012, And hasn't looked back since.

Instagram: @alliebhairstylist