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Kokopelli Product Lines

Our Product Lines

We at Kokopelli value the product lines we carry and are very particular when choosing what appears on our shelves. Specific attention is given to sourcing products with minimal chemical additives.

LaLaLo Haircare

The revolutionary product that’s changing the curly hair game! Created by our own Lala and Lorri!
Our belief system is centered on sustainability. We researched cupuacu from the Amazon forest in Brazil where Lala is from. We are committed to remaining cruelty free and mindful of overusing any byproducts. We meticulously sourced the most natural ingredients possible that maintain the health of all curly hair types. Our Wonder butter, Capuacu (certified fair trade), provides UVA and UVB protection, promotes hair growth, and seals in moisture. These magical products are perfect for damaged hair and bring out the beauty of natural curls with shine, control and contoured shape. We are intentional in our use of only sustainable packaging which includes our peel-off labels. Our products were carefully created with a light scent that does not over power. Care and attention has been put into every step of creating our products to be not only effective- but also friendly to Mother Earth. Discover the magic of LaLaLo Haircare and unlock the beauty of your curls. Visit to learn more.


A product line delivering high-performing products meticulously developed for stylists that are easy to use, with their clients in mind! Including over 40 exceptionally formulated products for all hair types. Products include luxurious shampoos and conditioners that cleanse and condition without harsh chemicals or heavy residues, and styling and finishing products that completely inter mixable which means you can customize the strength, shine and mobility, to customize it to fit your needs. This line is a low chemical line. no MEA, DEA, PARABEANS OR SULPHATES or animal testing.

Colour Proof

A complete line of professional luxury products designed exclusively for color-treated hair. These next generation formulas combine the latest innovations in ingredient technology with best-in-class ingredients to create a new standard in color care. committed to producing products that are good for you while working toward a more sustainable future for our planet. All ColorProof products are 100% VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, SULFATE-FREE, SALT-FREE, PARABEN-FREE, KERATIN-FREE, PHTHALATE-FREE, PABA-FREE, MINERAL OIL-FREE and Recyclable packaging whenever possible!


A no-nonsense grooming and hair product company who decided to take the top-shelf approach to beauty. Cardinal brand products use the best ingredients available, rely on our decades of combined professional experience within the industry. This line contains 4 grooming products that smell really good and work marvelously – a high shine pomade, a high shine wax, a semi-matte putty , and a matte texture clay.

Lock Stock and Barrel

An amazing line marketed as a men’s line, however, we use this product as unisex. LS&B has created a range of products of utmost integrity and value, and strives to create products that will embrace the modern man and the intricacies of his individuality without compromise. LS&B is ardently against animal testing in the cosmetics industry. They do not now nor have they ever tested any of their products on animals, or engage with third-party suppliers to do so on their behalf. In an industry in which animal testing is still prevalent, it is their continued hope to change the opinions of both our competitors and suppliers alike.